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Metals Treatment

AWES is expanding our metals treatment capabilities !!!                                                                                                                                                                                              

Metals treatment in some industries’ waste can be a headache to treat. The costs involved to treat these wastes are high and most companies do not have the expertise, room at the facility or personnel to handle it. A cost effective option is to have AWES compliantly treat and dispose of metal-bearing wastewater’s.

Our costs to treat are lower than other forms of disposal, minimize long-term liabilities, and allow companies who generated wastewater with metals to get on with their core operations. We recently invested and installed  technology to increase AWES’ metals treatment capabilities. AWES can now provide more extensive, more comprehensive service to companies with higher levels of metals in their wastewater discharge.  Often times AWES has been a replacement for the costs, overhead, analytical tests and headaches  a generator must deal with when maintaining their own discharge permit. They become a O Discharge facility while maintaining compliance, reducing costs, increasing profits by focusing on their core business.

THE GOLD AWARD goes to…….

Affiliated Wastewater Environmental Services (AWES) for our 100% Compliance and Commitment to Environmental Excellence.

Gold Award


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