Safety is Key...

Safety is a very important aspect of how AWES as a company performs. Every employee is trained extensively on all safety protocols that AWES puts into place. Each job performed can also allow for even more safety measures to be enacted that are or may be relevant to the job site. All guidelines are followed on all individual job sites per our customers regulations or wishes.

Safety is an important, key component of Affiliated Wastewater Environmental Services’ management style. Safety issues are built into our business model and is part of every aspect of our service activities. From driving our vacuum trucks to your facility, setting up to pump out the waste, doing the job and driving back to our facility, we make sure we are following all safety protocols.

Affiliated Wastewater Environmental Services completed the safety requirements for a Fortune 500 company on 8-15-11, as shown on AWES’ PICS certificate below.  This month AWES completed a more extensive and more stringent set of requirements of another Fortune 500 company; certified by PICS.

PICS is an independent company hired by companies to pre-qualify  their contractors’ safety policies, procedures, insurance minimums and implementation of those procedures.

As an AWES customer you can rest-assured your property and employees will be safe while our driver / operators are providing service at your facility.